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Infused with the vibrant culture, art, and exuberance of Nairobi’s urban pop matatus, 5.8Gin brings to life the very essence of this Kenyan phenomenon. The dynamic blend of culture, noise, and extravagance that these iconic vehicles contribute to the streets of Nairobi has served as our muse.

We unite people and keep them on the move, just like the matatus themselves. By transforming local ingredients into unexpectedly delightful flavours, we capture the spirit of Kenyan culture in every bottle.

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What makes 5.8, 5.8

5.8 Signature Gins

At 5.8 Gin, our mission is clear: to craft Kenyan craft spirits that celebrate local ingredients.

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Spiced Orange Gin

Savor Spiced Orange Gin – a spicy 40% ABV blend.
Available in 350 ml and 750 ml.

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Classic 5.8 Gin:

Embrace the refreshing zest of Classic 5.8 Gin
– a citrus-forward delight at 45.8% ABV.
Available in 350 ml and 750 ml.

Embark on a palate journey with 5.8 Gins, capturing the essence of  Kenya’s in every sip.

5.8 Cocktail Recipes

Red Zone

The Bird

Experience 5.8 Gin

Where Creativity and Ingenuity Collide!

Elevate your everyday with 5.8 Gin – a celebration of creativity and life’s vibrant moments. We’re not just a gin; we’re a catalyst for unlocking the extraordinary in your daily experiences.

Our brand essence revolves around creativity, and we’re on a mission to inspire you to embrace your inner artist. From our innovative blends to out-of-the-box marketing activations, 5.8 Gin redefines conventions and sparks your imagination.

Every sip is an ode to the unexpected and a toast to thinking differently. With 5.8 Gin, you’ll turn each day into a canvas of inspiration, inviting you to savor the true spirit of Kenya.

Join us in “Enjoying the Ride” through creativity and experience the energy of everyday life like never before. Discover the essence of Kenya, one sip at a time. It’s time to create your masterpiece.
Cheers to the journey

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Explore Our Exclusive Limited Edition Merchandise Collection! Immerse yourself in the fusion of 5.8 Gin’s vibrant brand and the captivating artistry of Kenyan musicians!