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5.8 Tribe:

Exclusive Music and Mixology Events

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Elevate your concert experience by offering 5.8 specialty gin cocktails that complement the musical performances. Create a menu of cocktails inspired by the featured artists or songs, adding an extra layer of connection between the music and the gin.

Offer regularly updated Kenyan music playlists that pair perfectly with 5.8 Gin cocktails, allowing members to enjoy the taste and sounds of Kenya from the comfort of their homes.

Why join the 5.8 Tribe?

Explore Our Exclusive Limited Edition Merchandise Collection! Immerse yourself in the fusion of 5.8 Gin’s vibrant brand and the captivating artistry of Kenyan musicians. From unique T-shirts to collectible vinyl records, discover artistic creations that celebrate both music and gin culture. Don’t miss out – these items are available for a limited time only. Join the tribe and claim your exclusive offers now!

5.8 Collaborative Merchandise

Create limited edition merchandise such as T-shirts, posters, or vinyl records featuring artwork and designs inspired by both the 5.8 Gin brand and the featured musicians. This merchandise can be sold at events and online.

Offer limited-edition merchandise, such as 5.8 Gin and Kenyan music-themed apparel, glassware, and accessories, exclusively for tribe members.

Educational Workshops

in Kenya

Host workshops, panel discussions that delve into the intersection of music, culture, and mixology. Invite musicians, mixologists, and cultural experts to share their insights and knowledge with attendees.

By carefully curating and executing these musical events and collaborations, 5.8 Gin can foster a strong connection between its brand, Kenyan music, and its community of gin enthusiasts, creating memorable and immersive experiences that set the brand apart in a competitive market.

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