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Kenya’s Vibrant Music Scene with 5.8

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Dive into a symphony of Kenyan Music that transcends expectations – the kind you didn’t even realise you were missing, yet now find impossible to live without!

Kenya's Thriving Music Genres

Kenya’s music scene is defined by an incredible diversity of genres like Gengetone, Kapuka, R&B, hip hop, and more. Gengetone is a fast-paced, club-oriented style featuring Swahili lyrics over electronic beats. Kapuka combines Kenyan pop rhythms with electronic dance music. Soulful R&B blended with African influences creates a unique Kenyan style. Underground hip hop and rap continue to thrive as youth push boundaries with conscious lyrics.

A Fresh Resonance with 5.8 Gin:

Just as 5.8 Gin captures the vibrant essence of Kenya, our curated musical journey resonates with the very heart of this country. Each note, each lyric, and each rhythm encapsulates the dynamic spirit and diversity that Kenya is celebrated for. Indulge in the perfect pairing of 5.8 Gin’s unique flavours and the rich tapestry of Kenyan melodies. Elevate your senses and experience the symphony of Kenya with every sip and every beat.

Meet Keny’a Hottest Artists

Blocka Beats






Timmy Blanco


5.8 brand is deeply woven into Kenya's music movement.

For decades, ciphers have provided a cherished platform for like-minded artists to celebrate and voice their societal and cultural opinions. The resonance of their authentic style and message quality remains unwavering among their devoted audiences.

We’ve collaborated with 1 Sons Creative to co-produce the Charged-Up Cipher Class of ’23. Tune in on Spotify to witness the electrifying performances by Timmy Blanco, Blocka Beats, and more, creating waves with their dynamic beats and powerful lyrics. Their music encapsulates 5.8’s bold spirit.

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