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Distilled Excellence:

Introducing 5.8 Gin
A Taste of Nairobi's Vibrant Spirit

Discover the unexpected with 58 Gin – expertly crafted. Infused with locally sourced ingredients. Experience the exhilarating zing of indigenous lime, the vibrant essence of real Kilifi oranges, and an artful fusion of Kenyan spices, all marinated for an impressive 72 hours for an unmistakable Kenyan flair. Distilled with juniper, groundnuts, mint, and baobab, the result is a smooth, velvety finish. Prepare to be transported into the vibrant tapestry of Nairobi’s trendiest and most vibrant cityscapes as you indulge in this liquid work of art. 58 Gin captures the very spirit of the city, embodying its trend-setting energy and pulsating liveliness.

Red Zone

60ml 5.8 Classic
15ml Strawberry puree/ Strawberry syrup
90ml Cranberry juice
15ml Lime juice
Strawberries/ raspberries
Light Tonic- top up

The Bird

240ml 5.8 Classic
90ml Lime juice
80ml Simple Syrup
Apple and Lime Cider- top up